Tasty Accident

So I made myself a cup of coffee; a latte, to be specific. Coffee, milk, brown sugar, and a little vanilla. Tasted great, just what I needed this morning. I am taking a few different food supplements these days; vitamins, minerals etc., and among them is plain gelatin powder for the collagen that it contains. It can be mixed into just about anything, so I mixed it into my coffee, like I do sometimes, since it doesn’t change the flavor or texture a single bit that I am aware of. Only today I didn’t end up finishing my coffee.

I had about 1/4 of it left when I felt satisfied, and left it sitting on the counter top while I went about my day. Several hours later I came back to clean up after myself, and attempted to pour it out only to find that it simply wouldn’t come out! Whaaa??? It had completely gelled up, of course, though softly so. It looked so smooooth and silky and inviting that I had to sample it. It was surprisingly tasty! Now, I’m really not a fan of cold coffee, but this was different. More like a dessert. Not really jello, but not pudding either. Somewhere in between.The consistency reminds me of certain Norwegian desserts, such as Norwegian caramel pudding made from a mix. I really enjoyed the consistency, though to really deserve the title “dessert”, the flavors will need to be altered a bit. I will definitely experiment with my findings, and see whether I can come up with a recipe worth keeping and sharing.

There you have it, anyway: Today’s tasty accident.

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