Morning in My Back Yard

Looking out of my family room window this morning, this is what I saw:

Deer by lake
It’s not that seeing deer on our property is so unusual, but seeing a handsome buck standing so still and majestically in the middle of the lawn, where I can get a good shot of him, is not quite as common. We see deer frequently, and as much damage as they can do to our trees and garden, I still never tire of seeing them. They are so beautiful and graceful, and I love taking pictures of them.

Buck by lake


Buck by lake
They seem well fed around here, though their preferred food seems to be our apple trees or any other tree we have ever planted. They have destroyed approximately 90% of all the trees we have planted; in majority, it’s been maple, apple, flowering pear, and dogwood trees. We love these trees, and so do the deer. It’s a constant battle, but I still love to look at them, and I’d rather have them around than not, even if it meant saving our trees.

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