Decorating for Christmas, Family Fun

Decorating for Christmas

  This year for Christmas, I had decided to do something new regarding our tree. I thought our tree, the way we used to decorate, looked too random and not stylish enough. (See my older post, Simple, Fun Christmas Decorating.) So I decided to get rid of a lot of the old ornaments and replace with new ones. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out a bunch of red, white, and silver ornaments, some frosted and some shiny. In addition, I thought I’d add snowflakes and icicles. Then, much to my surprise, and dismay at the time, my husband came home with a string of colored lights, which clearly wouldn’t work with my new theme. At the same time, I had also struggled with the fact that a theme like this would restrict us to certain colors and shapes, and make us feel like we couldn’t add other decorations that may be fun, adorable, or much loved, because it wouldn’t fit with the theme. Even though colored lights are not that high up on my list, I decided to ditch my bright idea of a new theme, and let this be the family tree that it’s always been, which allows everyone to put something on it that they feel is special. So, with renewed excitement in my heart, I took my kids to the store and purchased some new Christmas ornaments that we found cute and special, to replace […] Read more »

Alternative Ways to Decorate, Using a Vase of Flowers

  This past summer we had a surplus of cucumbers growing in our garden, and we found ourselves with more than we could use. Sometimes I like to slice them up to use for cucumber water, or we eat them raw with dinner. Since even the scent of cucumbers is so refreshing, I one day decided to add some slices to a pitcher of water for my counter top, just to look pretty and for the pleasant scent. Then I changed my mind and put them in a vase instead. That would look even prettier, I decided. That same weekend we went to a wedding, and one of my daughters was given a flower to bring home. Instead of putting the flower in a separate vase, I decided to stick it in with the cucumber slices, and it was a perfect match! I thought it made for a beautiful center piece for my kitchen counter top. The following morning the water was looking a bit cloudy, so I emptied the water and threw the old cucumber slices in the compost, while adding fresh ones to new water in that same vase. I repeated it day after day until the flower started wilting. I thought it was a perfect combination!   Today I decided to take it a step further, purchased a simple bouquet of flowers, and sliced up a lemon and a lime to see how other combinations might work […] Read more »

Simple, Fun Christmas Decorating

Last weekend, we, like so many others in the US, decorated for Christmas. Christmas decorating is not really my favorite thing to be doing, though once it is all up, it does look so beautiful and gets me in the spirit of the season. Growing up in Norway, tradition was to decorate on the day we called “Little Christmas Eve”, December 23. Christmas Eve was the major celebration when we’d officially start Christmas, eat a special Christmas dinner, open gifts etc. In December, we’d decorate in purple for Advent, the time in awaiting the birth of Jesus Christ. Then, on the 23rd, we’d change the colors and decorate for Christmas. In the US, in my experience people generally seem to be celebrating Christmas throughout December up until the 25th, then everything comes to an abrupt end. In Norway, however, the week between the 24th and New Years, “Romjula”, is all about Christmas. In fact, the 25th, 26th and 27th are called 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Christmas Day, which are Holidays, and all stores are closed. Families get together, visiting and celebrating. It is a peaceful time with no errands or shopping to be done. Regarding decorating, last year was the year of a new tradition: Let the kids go excitingly at it while I watch in awe and see it all come together! My decorating style is fairly simple, and once I figure out what looks good, I want it […] Read more »