Traditional Norwegian Risgrøt, Rice Porridge Recipe


  A Christmas tradition in countless Norwegian homes is to prepare Risengrynsgrøt, or rice porridge, for lunch during the day of Christmas Eve. White rice is cooked in milk for nearly an hour until tender and thick, then salt and sometimes sugar and vanilla is added. Often shortened to say simply “risgrøt”,  this porridge is traditionally topped with sugar and cinnamon, and a dab of butter in the center. Often times red juice is served to drink with this meal. One important reason to prepare this porridge during the day of Christmas Eve, is that the leftovers are used to make a traditional dessert commonly served after dinner. This desserts is called “Riskrem”, or Rice Pudding, in which whipped cream is added to the porridge. The mildly sweetened, fluffy dessert is topped with a red berry sauce. Inside the pudding is hidden one single white, blanched almond, and whoever finds it while eating gets a prize, usually a pig-shaped marzipan candy.  This pudding is a bit different from the rice pudding you find in stores in America, which tends to be overly sweet and the rice not as tender. Riskrem is soft and light tasting, and nicely balanced with the berry sauce on top. Here is a link to this delicious dessert! If you do try any of my recipes, I would really appreciate a quick comment with a star rating (option found immediately under each recipe). It helps me […] Read more »