Hearty Garden Chili Recipe

  Recipes for chili can vary greatly from one family to the next. Our neighborhood’s annual chili party is always fun with all the variety and  sampling from as many pots as we can! Personally I have two recipes that my family absolutely loves; a fabulous white chicken chili, and the red Hearty Garden Chili in this post. This particular chili is very chunky and filling, with beans, lots of ground beef, vegetables, and overall substance. It is wonderfully flavorful and nutritious, and spicy too (about medium), although the heat can easily be adjusted or omitted. Since I have a vegetable garden during the summer, I’ve been able to use my own homegrown tomatoes and peppers for this recipe. But if you don’t have access to homegrown tomatoes, you can use store-bought canned tomatoes as well. Though I have made some changes and added extra ingredients to personalize and create my own family recipe, the original recipe was shared with me by my sister-in-law. Thank you, Kelly!!! We both have made some changes over the years, and Kelly too, has started adding her own, homegrown tomatoes. We both agree it adds so much flavor! It really is hard not to have a second helping of this awesome stuff! Toward the bottom of this post you’ll first find the recipe with standard American measurements, then with metric measurements. If you try this recipe, please consider leaving a comment and star rating […] Read more »

Tender Whole Wheat English Muffins Recipe

    In this blog post I will share a delicious English muffins recipe that can be white or whole wheat. It was very much inspired by Alton Brown’s recipe, but I simplified some of the steps in the directions to make them easier to make, and I also switched out some of the ingredients to make them less processed. So in the end they are better for you and taste fantastic! I have received so many compliments on them! They are tender and wonderful with the correct texture and looks of English muffins, the way they should be. You’ll probably never want to go back to store brands again after you get a taste of the English muffins you can make yourself at home! Alton Brown has nailed it on several points and they bake perfectly on a griddle with cornmeal, like he suggested. Some of the changes I made was to use butter instead of shortening and real milk in place of powdered milk. In addition I discovered white whole wheat flour, and I’m so glad I did! There are different varieties of whole wheat grain just like there are different types of apples. White whole wheat is lighter in color, texture, and flavor than the traditionally used red wheat, and it tastes more refined, almost “white”. Yet it contains the same amount of nutrients and fiber as “regular” whole wheat. Since the texture is so light, you can get away with using mostly whole […] Read more »